Mediator/ Mindset Changer helping to resolve disputes

Mediation is rewarding when parties work together, find common ground and resolve their conflict. Sometimes going to court is appropriate; however, there are so many more times when it’s more efficient and less stressful to come together, brainstorm possibilities and solve the particular problem.

About 15 years ago, I represented a young girl in a sexual abuse case and had to depose the perpetrator, her father. In the deposition, my role as a zealous lawyer required me to ask intrusive questions and demand answers. I wished that I could have stopped the deposition and settled the case, but that wasn't possible because of the rules of litigation. Nevertheless, at that moment, I decided to use my legal skills and become a mediator.

A few years later, in 2003, I became a mediator for the Hood River and Wasco County court system and since then have mediated more than 600 cases. Currently, I mediate privately, plus I continue to mediate for the court system and volunteer with Six Rivers Community Mediation, a non-profit mediation service. As a mediator, I help people engage in productive dialogue and come to a resolution in an efficient, economical and expedient manner. Someday, I would like to mediate the Middle East crisis, but in the meantime, it’s incredibly satisfying to help solve family, business, landlord-tenant and other controversies.

"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity"

- Albert Einstein


"All too often, I think we go through life not knowing whether our efforts truly helped someone else. I am convinced that our mediation time with you Ruth is the single step that opened the door to communication. Please know that you made a positive difference in our lives. Thank you!" Mark, Family relations case

"You made us think differently and work together like we have never done before." Heather, family relations case

"I’m drinking a glass of champagne. Thank you for keeping us out of court and helping my business move forward. We couldn’t have done it without you." -Tricia, business owner.